Cotton Lace

In lace industry, the disc lace is usually made of cotton lace. Because the material used for making laces is cotton material, and this lace is very popular in Korea and Japan when it first started.
Besides the cotton materials, polyester, rayon and milk yarn are widely used. And he used the bottom cloth is also divided into many categories, such as: six angle mesh cloth, diamond mesh, T/C cloth and so on. So the default cotton lace in the industry is the lace made by the disc machine.
All the cotton lace and cotton flower that are popular in the market are also the mechanism of the flying machine. They are exquisite lace decorations for women’s wear. The market is very good. It’s very popular abroad.
According to the superiority of all cotton materials, all cotton lace is widely applied to dress underwear, dress adornment, bedding, toys and dress adornment. Products are very popular both at home and abroad.
Cotton lace are very popular in the market now. They are also the mechanism of the shuttle machine, and the best lace for women’s decoration. It’s very popular for decoration. and has a warm nature, usually uses more clothes. Although the use of 100% cotton side, but the lacing made of it has not become three-dimensional, but has its own characteristics. The reason for low production cost is that they are used more in clothing and accessories.

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Post time: May-16-2018
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